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Valhalla Tactical ODA & Throw Lever For Scoutlight Tailcaps

Valhalla Tactical ODA and throw lever

Welcome back to some more Night Chenanigans. This time we will take a look at a rather underrated accessory for your SureFire Scoutlight tailcaps, the Valhalla Tactical ODA and throw lever.

Valhalla Tactical ODA

The Valhalla Tactical ODA stands for Omni Directional Activation. It was designed for their BALDR series of weapon lights as well as version for the Cloud Defensive REIN. The idea behind the Valhalla Tactical ODA is that you can activate the light by pressing on the ODA knob in any direction. Sort of like a small joy stick.

Valhalla Tactical ODA

Valhalla Tactical ODA

The BALDR ODA also doubles as a clicky switch for constant on. Press the side of the knob in any direction for momentary activation. Press it inwards to click constant on.

Valhalla Tactical Scoutlight ODA

Valhalla Tactical ODA

Unlike the Valhalla Tactical ODA for the BALDR and Cloud REIN which are replacement switches, the SureFire compatible ODA is an bolt on accessory for use with the Scoutlight Z68 tailcap. You insert the Valhalla Tactical ODA onto the back of the Z68 tailcap shroud. Line up the four holes in the ODA with the holes in the Z68 shroud. Then install the four grub screws to hold the ODA in place. Below are the features listed on Valhalla Tactical's website.

  • Intuitively activates your light by pushing the knob in any direction - even forward!

  • Converts your Z68 tail-cap to TRUE momentary operations

  • Comes with additional discs to adjust sensitivity

  • No cable to route means no cable to rip/break/fail

  • Legendary reliability

  • Quarter-turn your Z68 tail-cap to disable the switch (standard SOP on many military units)

  • Prevents unintended activation

  • For storage or transportation

  • Cost-effective - the cheapest Surefire tape-switch combo (SFUE07) will set you back 3x as much

  • Lifetime Unconditional Warranty

Valhalla Tactical ODA

One thing that sets the SureFire ODA apart from the other versions is that it is momentary only. You lose the constant on feature. Also if you want to disable the Valhalla Tactical ODA, you can quarter turn the tailcap to ensure it cannot be turned on.

Valhalla Tactical Scoutlight Throw Lever

Thanks to my friend Ryan, last November he showed me a prototype of the Valhalla Tactical ODA and throw lever. Once I played with the throw lever, I immediately thought "Why didnt I think of this?" We have scope levers so what not flashlight levers.

  • Compatible with Surefire Z68 or UE Tailcaps ONLY (Z68 is standard on all Scout Lights including Pro/Turbo)

  • Taking the Z68's built-in "quarter turn lock-out" function to the MAX!

  • Far easier to use with gloves or under stress

  • Pairs extremely well with our Surefire ODA - a single, deliberate motion can activate your white light

  • Multi-axis CNC machined using aircraft grade aluminum billet

  • Made in USA

  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Valhalla Tactical ODA

The Valhalla Tactical throw lever is compatible with the Scoutlight Z68 and UE tailcap. It will not work with the SureFire DS00 tailcap. According to Ryan, the throw lever was the answer to a request from Law Enforcement. They wanted a way to turn off the light to ensure no one accidentally turns on the weapon light. Here is the ODA and throw lever on my Weltool weapon light.

Valhalla Tactical ODA

The throw lever is pretty easy to install. It is just like a scope throw lever. Slide it over the Z68 tailcap and tighten the screw to clamp the lever on.

Valhalla Tactical ODA

I ended up using the throw lever on a UE tailcap. Below is my MP5SD set up at home. I am using a dual lead Modbutton. The SureFire end is plugged into the UE tailcap while the other lead is plugged into an Insight ISM-IR (red dot with PEQ-15 functions). I can activate the laser and light with the mod button. If I want to switch to Infrared aiming I throw the Valhalla Tactical lever to shut off the light. Now when I pressthe Modbutton it will only activate the ISM-IR laser and illuminator.

If I want to use the white light, I use push the throw lever the other way with my thumb and press the Modbutton.

Valhalla Tactical ODA

Valhalla Tactical ODA

Valhalla Tactical ODA
Throw lever is up so the light can be activated.

Final Thoughts On The Valhalla Tactical ODA and Throw Lever

The Valhalla Tactical ODA for Surefire Z68 is just $29.95 while the throw lever is $24.95. However at this moment, Valhalla Tactical has a sale if you buy their ODA deployment Pack which comes with both the ODA and throw lever for just $39.95. You are getting the throw lever for just $10 more than the ODA by itself.

Being able to activate your light by pressing the ODA knob in any direction makes it very easy to activate. but you do lose constant on. I will be honest here, I personally do not use white light that often. I prefer to use night vision with infrared lasers and infrared illuminators. Or use thermal weapon sights that do not need light at all. With that being said, I do like the functionality of both the ODA and throw lever. I highly recommend them if they fit your needs. You can find more information off Valhalla Tactical's website.

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