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Review: NVG Pouches

NVG pouches

Welcome back. In case you missed last week's article we took a look at the L3 VSLIM. A ridiculously powered IR laser illuminator that has an output up to 1,500 mw. Well today we take a look at some different options to carry and protect your nods. We are looking at NVG pouches.

Today we are doing things a little different. Due to all the subtle differences of the pouches I thought a video would showcase these better than a photo heavy article. So here is the video.

NVG Pouches

  1. Nods Garage is $135 by Armor Express! Click Here

  2. TNVC NVG-PPE $65

  3. L3Harris PVS-31A pouch

  4. Argus 1431 Pouch

  5. Argus rectangular NVG pouch

  6. OpFor Night Solutions POD $97

  7. Cole-Tac Night Vision Guardian $75

  8. Jerry-31 Pouch

  9. TYR PNVG Pouch

  10. MSA Pouch

  11. Spiritus Systems GP pouches

  12. Thales fanny pack.

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