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Review: L3 VSLIM - 1.5W IR Laser Illuminator

Back again for some more Night Chenanigans? Last week we took a look at the Code 4 Defense PanoPods. Well thanks to Alex Pelc we get to look at the L3 VSLIM. A 1.5W IR laser illuminator.


The VSLIM stands for Variable Divergence Sniper Laser Illuminator Module. It is is more powerful than your standard IR lasers and is even brighter than the venerable BE Meyers IZLID.


There is not much to the VSLIM It is rail mounted to picatinny. It has an adjustable bezel for changing the beam divergence size. The VSLIM also has 9 power level settings.


Since the VSLIM is an L3 product, it is compatible with INSIGHT/CRANE remote tape switches. I actually prefer to use the tapeswitch rather than use the buttons to turn on the VSLIM.

The VSLIM is powered by 2x CR123 batteries in series.

Controls are somewhat simple. There is a + and - button as well as a mode selector switch.

You need to rotate the mode selector clockwise to CW. If you continue to rotate the mode selector it will strobe the laser. Each subsequent setting is for a faster strobe frequency.

In order to activate the laser you press both the + and - buttons at the same time to turn on the VSLIM. Or simply push the remote tape switch to activate the laser. I find this to be a lot easier. Once you rotate the mode selector off O, a small amber indicator light turns on in the back of the VSLIM.


The VSLIM is 830nm and has a max output of 1.5W, which is 1,500mw. The LA5 UHP only has an IR illuminator that is 165mw.

The VSLIM can be zeroed with its elevation and windage adjustments. Use a flat head screwdriver to turn them.


The VSLIM is rather small for what it is. Here it is just above an L3 Storm mounted onto a Bushnell LMSS2 spotting scope.



Compare to the IZLID, the L3 VSLIM is smaller.


I was curious how the VSLIM illuminator looks with analog night vision so i tested it at night. Here are some sample videos I took and posted to share how the VSLIM illuminator looks like.

Final Thoughts On The VSLIM

The VSLIM is a small compact laser designator and illuminator. It is small inbetween the l3 PEQ-15 LA5 and their new NGAL. That is assuming you do not take the large bezel into considetaion. However the beam pattern is almost unuseable as you saw in the sample videos. It works great as a designator, on full power the laser is solid and can easily be seen. What about price? I am not sure since I have this on loan from Alex Pelc, the PEQ-15 whisperer. But I have seen mention that Wills Optics sold their for aroujnd $8,000. I do not think this is worth nearly that much.

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