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-Dovetail mount interface to attach your PVS-14 to Wilcox G24 and other dovetail mounts

-Carbon Fiber Polymer molded construction and intelligent skeletonized design for optimal durability and lighter weight
-Stronger adjustable arm lockup with improved locking tooth design


Now you can have a dovetail mounting solution for your PVS-14 that is stronger than GI j-arms, while more affordable than other 3rd party j-arms and lighter than most all of them. Our Dovetail J-Arms are contract over-runs developed specifically for, and deployed with, a Special Forces unit in Europe.

PVS-14 DOVETAIL J-Arm, Night Vision Mount Interface

  • FinishMatte Black, Corrosion Resistant
    Carbon Fibre re-enforced polycarbonate body

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