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ARGUS USBP PRE-ORDER (lead time ~30 days)


Argus USBP (Universal Strobe Battery Pack) is a remote battery pack for your BNVD-1431. It uses 4xAA batteries. It comes with a Fischer cable. These are ONLY for compatible night vision goggles such as the BNVD-1431, BNVD-931, BNVD PVS-31A, GPNVG. 

The USBP cable will NOT work with LEMO connections like ANVIS,  RNVG, or KATANA. If you get a Fischer to LEMO cable then it can work. 

BNVD-1431 NOT INCLIUDED. You get a USBP, power cable, and loop velcro for your helmet. 

The USBP has a switch at the bottom of the pack that turns on the IR strobes. 


50 hour run time with 4x AA batteries. 

25 hour run time with IR strobes activated.

Argus USBP (Universal Strobe Battery Pack)

  • Current lead time is ~30 days

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